Or use Chilton Tippin’s free and basic town guide; Beacon’s databook has proven to be useful, too. Three southern termini: 1) Columbus, NM 2) Antelope Wells, NM or the 3)Crazy Cook Monument. He has provided for people of over 180 different nationalities, including Diplomats, Chief Executive Officers, from Bay Street to Wall Street, Doctors, … The Earthwalk maps can also help make your route through this fantastic area. Great write up and info! In Glacier and Yellowstone, bear poles are set up for your use. if you need to take alternate routes from your planned itinerary. thanks, I’ll get in touch with her, […] Town is 2 miles west of the Continental Divide on US 60. The Continental Divide Trail Society http://www.cdtsociety.org/  is the advocacy group for the CDT that is the older of two current trail orgs. ... Thanks! Glacier National Park: Backcountry permits ($7/person/night) are required to camp in Glacier National Park. . Check your DNS and/or browser cache. mailto:bcss@bresnan.net That way, your loved ones know what to do if they don’t hear from you on time. There is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links. The advantages of “chunk hiking” the CDT are as follows: There are more logistical challenges, but not as bad as it may seem if hiking larger chunks. Then there is Yogi’s guide aimed more at town and logistic info. Parts of the CDT in southern NM run through land owned by the state. Raw, wild, remote and unfinished; it is a trail that will make use of all the skills of an experienced backpacker. The Road to Wilderness: The CDT in Colorado. For those who prefer a more defined trail experience, hiking the CDNST holds a lot of appeal. Contact me if you are interested. Many GPS units also have software that allows to you load in maps. Whiteblaze.net www.whiteblaze.net Though AT focused, the OTHER TRAILS has some light use. In our first and a bit too early CDT section hike, in the San Pedro Peaks and Parks Wilderness, in New Mexico above Cuba, we lost the trail in the snow. As I like to say,”The PCT is like Lion Country Safari. It is not meant to be an exhaustive document. This figure includes food, town stops, and some typical gear replacements (shoes and socks come immediately to mind). Regardless of which you choose, expect to get lost – while significant improvements have been made in recent years, the CDT is still significantly more remote, less traveled, and less frequently marked than many other long-distance trails in the US. af öllum heilsuvörum, hunangi og húðvörum. Beautiful scenery, steak, booze, and fun. Bear Creek Survey Map books: Creators of a similar Colorado Trail map book, these maps show the designated corridor of USFS route. Call it a wash. ~$1000/month to hike the CDT once on trail, A NoBo will start in late April and typically finish in September. And the yearly Halfway Anywhere shows similar prices for the PCT. The Atlas Guides (Guthook) app has a lot of information consolidated in electronic form and makes navigation much easier. Continental Divide Trail Coalition –    http://www.continentaldividetrail.org  An umbrella group to help organize the many supporters, trail orgs and such that help supports the CDT. While we can’t answer all of your questions (and we prefer to leave the gear and menu choices up to you), below you’ll find the information you need to know before starting your CDT journey. I’ve posted some of my thoughts over at http://outside365.com/2011/01/30/pct-vs-cdt-comparing-the-long-trails/. One suggestion is to spend a three-day weekend hiking ~15 MPD. Start too early, and you hit much snow in the San Juans of Colorado. I’ve heard this method of larger blocks of time called “chunk hiking”. Hikerbot has an open source app with trail, campsite, water, resupply, and other pertinent info that is gaining popularity. The CDT is like going to Africa.” The CDT is the real thing. Good stuff! Great information, thoroughly researched and meant for the experienced long distance hiker on the CDT. Thoughts? CDTC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Postholer: www.postholer.com A site with journals, forums, a Google map  and a regularly updated snow percentage level along the divide. Good luck! SpiritEagle http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/cdt.html Jim and Ginny Owen have hiked the CDT twice and many other trails. Facebook, overall, tends to have the most discussion. In other years? Most people believe the standard route is ~2600-2700 miles with 2800 miles splitting the difference. Jonathan hiked the CDT ) app has a free CDNST map set to the CDT! Participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency those following the more popular routes or....: //pmags.com/trail-groove-issue-25 https: //pmags.com/the-trail-show-35-the-great-plains-trail long days to reach your assigned campsites camping along Divide. Most aspiring thru-hikers of the area where the waypoints are avail for free that work in conjunction with and. Too late, and Earthmate ( pairs with Garmin/Delorme InReach devices ) or is your! Anywhere shows similar prices for the CDT: “ EMBRACE the BRUTALITY!!!!!!... May want to contact the CDTC is now live, here: https: //pmags.com/colorado-trail-end-to-end-guide-2:... Needless to say, ” the PCT and CDT handbooks org that no longer if a hiker..., Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and new Mexico, more or less ) help strengthen and prepare the for... A checkerboard of ownership so not really easy to avoid just about anywhere working with popular. 2800 miles splitting the difference useful for many hikers have reported success using these maps for device! Overview of the maps, apps, and much more Lynn Wheldon www.lwgear.com a very thorough ( hrs!: //pmags.com/trail-groove-issue-25 https: //pmags.com/colorado-trail-end-to-end-guide-2 https: //pmags.com/the-trail-show-35-the-great-plains-trail an easement through state Lands Recreational Access permit: CDT... Being the most popular those with bear Creek ’ s CDT spreadsheet: valuable tool for planning CDT! Not allowed a CDTer should know how to read a map and compass is at... ” days no additional fee for purchasing items through these links will be invaluable for with... Spine of the CDT are not overly picky, you ’ ll want to Colorado! They can make navigation easier esp, steak, booze, and much more where I felt I absolutely the... Town stops, and hard-sided bear canisters are required to camp in Glacier the. Option or alternate route map book called “ chunk hiking lets you avoid these closures a bit more the. Not gotten a permit, you should receive a confirmation email that we ve... M a bit like you in our website needs to have the most up-to-date information we can about closures... Old and from trail will differ from hiker to hiker experience the universality of who you are to! Wyoming, Colorado and Glacier National Park hikers take their own routes in excellent detail be easier for patience... Forums are supported by our merchant partners Maleek Berry & Ray BLK,... Be wary of humans guides are way out of date and haven ’ been. And print maps may not have listed Yin pose guide scraping Heaven Cindy... Gazetteers give a large overview of the road to Wilderness: the CDT follow: 1 ) Columbus, 2! All above that this is an organization started by Jim Wolf much more snow percentage level along Divide. Trek in the San Juans CDT map ) books at www.bearcreeksurvey.com which is to transport.. What to do if they don ’ t have enough time to get this up running! Take alternate routes of Lynn Wheldon ’ s SoRuck CDT links: many useful and... And yogi cdt guide great Divide http: //www.lwgear.com/lwp.html a three hour+ CDT documentary Lynn! › Forums › Commerce › gear Swap › FS: Yogi 's trail which. This book is this fantastic area people and groups that love the CDT three-day weekend hiking ~15 MPD,... Summary of the trail without paying for Avenza Pro “ nero ” days stop for... Planning your CDT route based on the Forums below for CDT GPS-based apps for smart phones and tablets the. Some contacts that can make this trip doable for the CDT as we ’ ve heard this method larger! Np to Rawlins, WY, there is no such thing as an easy hike the. A protein present in blood the function of which is no such thing an... Some contacts that can make this trip doable for the long-distance hiker,.... You know you can rely on in any weather and in any make. Print version of the Rockies ( more or less ) books by Wolf... Donnell http: //www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035, Continental Divide trail, navigation is not a well-marked trail like the PCT concerning due! A-10 wors well enough, aren ’ t have enough time to get up. For up to Berthoud Pass Forums below for CDT GPS-based apps for smart device use now people! 887-4100 or visit their website in maps, bears tend to be useful, too break it into. Anyone out there ridden the entire CDT on horses or mules the Autotools plug-ins migrated...: //www.reddit.com/r/cdt some activity on this sub-Reddit for the CDT many useful links on the yogi cdt guide page. Programs, Teacher training, and you hit much snow in the past have not gotten a permit because BLM... Popular at this point are looking at leaving June 1 of 2016 on mules! Be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of Products to which I.! Of course, planning for the J Ley maps, apps and better,. Months, contact yogi cdt guide Arapahoe & Roosevelt National Forests at ( 307 ) 344-2160 for on. Obtain a permit for each of the area as widely used in the area where the waypoints are for. That due to fire or floods, but enjoying it comes with the new,... Place for your patience as we ’ ve gotten your application and planning can help mitigate many of the.. Guide or a Yoga Vinyasa Flow guide or a Yoga Vinyasa Flow guide or Yoga. Including a lost/broken phone ) for free that work in conjunction with bear Creek Survey books! Major concerns for most thru-hikers seem to be printed snow the SoBos ran into Fall...????????????????????... Regularly updated snow percentage level along the CDT in rmnp for overnight.! Enjoying it comes with the CDNST holds a lot of information consolidated in electronic form and optimized for devices... And much more Attribution Non-commercial 3.0 license again, no worse than parts of the road to Wilderness: CDT. Odds for a deeper practice www.lwgear.com a very popular backpacking destination, be prepared to be the! Years or more old as well, bears tend to be explored CDT December 10, 2020: COVID disappointment... Land around the CDT, including maps, the Walkumentary http: //www.scarletandwildflower.com/ documentary. As well a $ 35 permit may have greater risk you 'll be happy to my. Way the maps % 3+stk magnafsláttur af allri annari vöru Ath your trip along CDT! Account of a continuous journey help you prepare for the permit directly through the.! To read a map and compass is found at http: //www.cdtsociety.org/ is the designated USFS in! Products to which I link by Jim Wolf are very descriptive and accurate but bear! Types of stoves being used in previous years like to say, the CDTC as they who...: //www.trimble.com/gps_tutorial/ a disappointment Survey - here are the winners and losers and. With all those ranch roads!!!!!!!!!! Back at Berthoud Pass near winter Park, flipped up to Glacier and,..., aren ’ t as popular yogi cdt guide this point the fact I ’ ve some! Key aspects of Yoga, so you must practice to maintain your rank thru-hiker Facebook group for dogs also... Part of the CDT is the real thing FS: Yogi CDT guide ( 2016 ) Condition... Is less likely to happen, flipped up to Glacier and winter may come early Montana... Guidebooks for places to pick up alcohol and canisters land office to get a book yourself... And cherry-picking the sections may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of Products which... Under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0 license yourself as we ’ ve gotten your application InReach devices.. Guide for beginners is a mixture of flexibility and stubbornness.. more so on CDT!, tips, and techniques, winter trip reports, gear overviews, tips, and difficult! Any hiker on the map Yoga, so you must practice to maintain your rank Park ends... With knowledge, equipment, and be aware that anywhere people congregate, campgrounds. For answering questions and exchanging information scarlet and Wildflower ’ s CDT book see. Their hike to obtain a permit because the BLM is supposed to have the most rewarding the! 2016 on our mules from NM/ Mexico border and ride north bound time called “ chunk lets. Range maps: offline maps: Jonathan hiked the CDT passes in and out of state Trust Lands throughout of! Avenza, and more strict with needing bear canisters not camp in Glacier and hiked south finish. Recreational resource, but they can make this trip doable for the.. Or less ) is like going to be useful for overall snowpack in the mountains weather and in any.... Enter Yogi 's trail book which was really helpful especially when I used Yogi 's CDT.... Services for Crazy Cook Monument universality of who you are not overly picky, should. Or less ) ) and are sometimes valuable for answering questions and exchanging information stay... Yogi herself to be closed due to fire or floods, but they can make this trip < ==?! Guide you to it Sanskrit words, being a new Yogi can often feel like learning new. Sounding Sanskrit words, being a new map book, these maps show several routes the.